Passed the Security+ SY0-501 Exam

I recently passed the Security+ SY0-501 Exam.

Here are some study materials that I used to pass the exam..
  1. Practice exam questions here.
  2. Transcender exam questions, not free but available for purchase from here.
  3. The CompTia Certification Exam Objectives document available here.
  4. I also purchased ($14.99) a Security+ Practice tests on an iPhone app available here.
The test started with 4-5 simulation type questions that required dragging and dropping list items, the items were similar to these:
  1. Biometric reader
  2. Mantrap
  3. Cable lock
  4. Safe
  5. Locked cabinet
  6. Proximity reader
The simulations displayed diagrams where you could assign the appropriate list items.

One of the simulations involved configuring a wifi setup choosing from items like WPA2, Radius and having to configure the selection.

One showed an office and a data center and had options for things like proximity reader, cctv, biometric reader, etc.

There were a few questions showing log files and asked things like what is the vulnerability in the log file.

One had a help desk ticket with no text data, it just showed it was TCP and port 686 and asked what it pertained to.

One asked what was the best way to sanitize a removable device and had options like low level format, overwrite, etc. it didn't have options like degauss or purge or destroy.

One question asked about netcat and how to connect to ports. Know how to make a connection (nc -4 [host] [port number])

One asked the difference between arp poisoning and mac flooding, one answer was mac flooding works across routers.

These are some of the questions and topics that I remember from the exam, there is such a broad amount of material to study, it makes this exam pretty difficult.

Good Luck!

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