Connect SQL Server 2014 Management Studio to Azure SQL Database

To connect SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to an Azure SQL database log in to the Azure Management Portal

Create a new database or connect to an existing database

For this example I'll create a new SQL database, from Azure home page select SQL Databases and select  +Add

Select the database

After the database has been created (may take a few minutes and a refresh to appear), from the SQL databases menu select the database that was just created (MyDb).

Add a firewall rule

In order to connect to the Azure SQL database a firewall rule must be created with the IP address or range of IP addresses that will be allowed to access the database.

After the firewall rule has been created the database can now be connected to using SSMS.

Copy the server name

From the Azure Management Portal Select SQL Databases and select the MyDb database

Copy the server name listed below Essentials for your database

Determine Server Admin username for the Azure SQL Server

From the SQL Databases menu select the database (MyDb)

Select the server name link below Essentials - Note: you must have a username and password that has access to the database to connect using SSMS.

Launch the SSMS Application

Paste the server name that was copied above and enter the username and password