Passed the 70-567 PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Applications

This is the second Sharepoint 2010 Application Development Exam

Things to be proficient on

BCS - a few questions about setting up external lists, content types hosted in SQL or MS CRM, where to put the connection strings

Infopath - a few questions about Infopath forms, where to design your form and which version of Infopath to use - the client or Infopath services

Powershell - a few questions that have an answer of running a Powershell script to accomplish a task, I think every question that had this as an option that this was the answer. Know Add-SPUserSolution cmdlet

Authentication - know when to use NTLM, Kerberos, Claims and Forms based authentication

Site Columns - understand site columns and lookup columns

Content Types - understand Content Types, both internal and external, and Content Type hubs - syndication, know the Office Item Type option. Know what a sealed content type is, how to create it

Disposal - several questions about custom code and disposing of the objects you create, the answers were always to do your own garbage collection, do not rely on the managed framework to do this for you.

Logging - understand the ULS, what it is and where it is. Know what Event Log Flood Protection is

Exception Handling - a question that asks what you should do to trap an error, log it and throw an exception

Page Layouts - know when you can use a Page Layout and when you should use a Site Definition or Masterpage or a Site Theme

Performance - A few questions on optimization, know disk-based caching and Remote Blob storage and how to configure each. Know what filestream storage on the database server is an how to enable it

Workflow - know the differences between workflow types, Sequential and know what a Composite Activity is and a Task Form. One question on creating and validating a workflow in Visio, know how to do this

Object Model - know when to use the Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Managed Client Object Model in your application. Know what SP.UI.ModelDialog class is

Deployment - several questions about deploying a new version of your solution, webpart, workflow etc. Things like you already have a solution deployed and you don't want to affect existing users using the current version, how do you deploy a new version etc. Understand when to deploy a Sandboxed solution, know all of the limitations of this type of solution

Scope - huge thing to know, understand where to scope your solutions based on requirements e.g. Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Site

Features - know how to create and deploy features, understand scope and how to upgrade to new versions. Understand feature dependencies

Found an excellent video series on Youtube that really helped with the exam preparation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEtOf7Hq4yw

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