Passed the 70-668 PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator Exam

I took this exam today and passed, I think it was definitely harder than the 70-667 exam, 65 questions in all, 16 break out portions that were based on a reusable customer requirements scenarios. There were about 10 questions that you had a list of items in the left box you had to drag the correct # of items and put them in the correct order.

A few I remember with the select-able steps - just basic idea here I don't remember much!
1. Configure a content deployment path. Choices were things like create a deployment path on server 1 or server 2, allow content deployment, create a quick deployment job, create a content deployment job etc.

2. You must create a new site at the top level of a site collection based on a saved template. Choices were save site as a template, import stp file and activate, save site template, import WSP file, etc.

3. They asked for you to add Excel and Visio services to your farm, requirements were best performance and redundancy. Choices were install a new app server, install Sharepoint 2010 into a SQL Cluster, install the enterprise version of Sharepoint on all servers using the /Complete option and then a configuration list in one box. I really hated the way this question was worded, probably missed it.

4. One question asked to configure servers for sandbox solutions, must as isolated as possible and redundant,  displayed a farm with 3 WFE's and one index server. Choices were stop sandbox service on WFE 01 & 02, stop sandbox service on WFE 03, start sandbox service on WFE01 & 02, start sandbox service on WFE03, start sandbox service on WFE03 & start sandbox service on QS01, stop sandbox service on WFE03 & start sandbox service on QS01

Things to be proficient on, when to use each type of authentication type, kerberos, claims, forms, integrated. How many servers, web apps, site colls, based on a given customer scenario. Different upgrade types and when to use each. Search - understand query server, query mirroring, crawl components, index partitions, how to isolate each part of search within your farm, authoritative pages, search federation etc. a couple of Infopath forms questions, several backup questions on perform a backup, granular backup, backup-spsite, backup-spfarm powershell cmdlets. A few BCS questions and a few talking about secure store service application, moving 2007 SSO farms into 2010. Memorize all of the web application general settings, all of the backup settings in CA and all the monitoring settings like diagnostic, trace log, web analytics, etc.