VMWare Workstation 8 New Features

Just started playing with VMWare Workstation 8 today, lots of  really cool new features.

1. Connect to your VCenter and ESX(i) Hosts, manage autostart vms, configure roles and permissions
2. Copy VM's from Workstation to ESX(i) - Tested this with no issues, no timeouts etc.
3. Run workstation as a server - Nice for those vm's you want to leave running while users log on and off of host
4. 3d graphics, HD audio
5. USB 3 and Bluetooth support
6. Search for VMs
7. Live thumbnail bar
8. Virtual machine library
9. VM Sharing, can grant access to your virtual machines, for other team members etc.
10. P2V right from workstation - includes the latest version of VMWare Converter
11. New agent keeps all vmware tools up to date on all virtual machines
12. Connect to other workstation 8 installs on your network and manage them along side with your local VMs
13. Support for virtualized 64 bit ESX(i) guests
14. Map vmdk files to drive letters on your desktop, full read/write support
15. Teams are gone, folders have taken over, you can power on a folder - power all vms on or configure individually, you can drag and drop vms into folders
16. New interface has the look and feel of VSphere 5

Thats all for now, I'll list more as I start to become more familiar with it.


  1. Have you tried Win 8 Dev Preview? If so, have you been able to copy it up to ESXi?

  2. Yes, I am testing the Win 8 preview in a Workstation 8 VM, I attempted to upload this to ESX and it successfully uploaded but will not start. Must be some compatibility issue there, but every other VM that I have uploaded has converted successfully.